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I bet your Community ain't helping.

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- Diana Tower
Membership Community Strategist

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  • Searchable transcript so you can swipe any copy gold, or engagement content that flows from my brain and implement it in minutes. 
  • A "Membership Community Money Leaks Audit" worksheet...that pairs with your video audit and serves as an action plan.

  • NOTE:  While my turn around can be super quick, let's say you'll receive your audit in a week.  ;)

Diana Tower
Membership Community Strategist

The Unicorn whisperer — who never uses her inside voice.

 As a Membership Community Strategist who’s been in the industry since 2015, Diana knows what it takes to keep members engaged, paying, and proud to be in your Membership community.

 She was New York Times Best Selling author Ramit Sethi’s Community Manager for 3+ years, before shifting gears and focusing on training unicorn Community Managers. 

She's rocked the stage at The Membership Guys' live event Retain Live, has hosted online workshops for YOUpreneur, Digital Marketer and Teachable, has been featured in Forbes, the Active Campaign podcast and on Super Fast Business

 She’s on a mission to create a herd of emotionally-strategic Community Professionals; making the world a better + kinder place — one community at a time...including YOURS!